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Wheel Restoration & Building

Love20bee stock all sizes of aftermarket outer lips and inner barrels you need to create your dream wheels. They are constructed from forged 6061T6 alloy making them the perfect strength and lightest available.  


We want to help you create the perfect fitment for your vehicle so it is important that you get in touch with one of our highly experienced team members to figure out the correct size and offsets for your new wheels.


We are the only company in the US to provide the full selection of aftermarket lips and barrels for small classic Japanese wheels. This is key to delivering very quick turn around times so you have your wheels faster than anywhere else in the world!

Contact us today for your new wheel build and make your car stand out from the crowd!


Car Restoration& Building

We love restoring classic JDM cars from Nissan, Datsun, to Mazda and many more. The collaboration between the owners and our team of these special classics, help restore the mystique of these highly sought after classic rides. Our dedicated crew do all the tooling and installation in-house and we provide the customer with our step-by-step progress of their cars.


We offer body work services, suspension work including custom made fully adjustable suspension options, fender flare and wide body kits and and course awesome custom JDM wheels!!

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